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We invite you to browse the website which contains useful links to assist with your Polish research and information about the Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan.
We are based in Michigan and do our best to reach out to members who live elsewhere in the United States and Poland by communicating electronically by keeping this website updated, sending newsletters and e-mails.     
The Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan belongs to the Michigan Genealogical Council and the Federation of Genealogical Societies.  Please visit these sites by clicking on the badges which are located at the right side of the home page to learn more about each organization.
We are wrapping up the monthly meeting schedule for this year.  Please check the calendar for details. 
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Celebrate Your Heritage

This is a small list of ideas for you to use during the month of October to celebrate your Polish heritage. Poland is rich in history, the arts, music and literature. There are many Poles who are famous in the fields of science, engineering, mathematics and medicine. Various parts of the country are known for their production of pottery, textiles, glass, furniture, wood carvings and wycinaƄki. This month, teach your children or grandchildren something about their heritage by reading books about Poland. Enroll them in a dance troupe or language class if you are able. Support your local dance troupes by attending their performances. Prepare a Polish meal for your family. Attend a Polish concert or listen to Polish music. Learn more about the life of a favorite composer. Read a book about Poland's history or focus on a specific topic related to your interests. There is no lack for subject matter in print or on the web. Watch a Polish movie. You can watch them free on You Tube or purchase a DVD online. Some areas like Ann Arbor, Michigan have film festivals. Attend a concert or Polish-American event of your choice. Support Polish operated bakeries, stores, artists and companies. Learn your prayers in Polish. Attend a Polish Mass if possible. Fly the Polish flag. Read up on its history and the changes over the years. Work on your family history. Interview the elders in your family; gather documents, pictures and letters. Organize everything but most of all, try to get a younger member of the family interested while doing this. More often than not, we do not take this on until a family member dies. There are lots of resources available to everyone starting this project. Where did your family originate? What is the geography of that part of Poland? Were there any famous persons from that region? Is there a senior assisted living center in your area for Polish veterans? Stop by and visit them. Prepare for the Christmas season and plan on having a Wigilia for your family. These are just a few of my ideas which may or may not work for you depending on where you live.
Valerie Warunek  
30 September 2016
10/10/2016 - reprinted with permission


See What's New in Members Only

The US Army Polar Bears in North Russia 1918-1919: Two Diaries and a Museum,  edited by PGSM Members,   J. William Gorski & Arthur A. Wagner. This compelling 40 page booklet features "eye-witness narratives of the campaign to recover supplies intended for the Russian Army stored at Archangel in Northern Russia."

Get Your Name on the Waiting List

Our store is currently empty!!  In order to reprint this highly educational history of The Chene Street Story by Helen Kraft, we must have 10 pre-orders.  If you would like to be put on the waiting list for the next printing, please email us at:  info@pgsm.org  with your information, i.e. name, address, and  telephone number. 
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Family History Center Film Lists

Two Family History Centers (FHC)  have provided PGSM with  a list of Polish and German films on indefinite loan at their locations. To view the film list click the Public Databases area, next click the category, History Centers - Microfilms.  The Midland Family History Center is located at 1700 West Sugnet Drive, Midland (corner of Sugnet Drive and Eastman Avenue) Midland, Michigan.  The Howell Michigan Family History Center, is at 1041 W Grand River Ave, Howell, Michigan. 
If you are traveling great distances it is always advisable to call to verify open hours.
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Looking for Online Records in Poland

If your looking for online records, check out the Lost Shoebox website.
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Need Assistance?

If you need help researching your ancestors here and/or abroad, let our trained Volunteer Research Committee (VRC) assist you. The VRC  has multiple years  of experience in a wide variety of areas. Click Research Request  complete the form and a volunteer will contact you by email.
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Meyer's Gazeteer Updated

Having trouble locating the villages of your immigrant ancestor in current day Poland?  The new updated Meyer Orts - Gazetteer is the place to look. 
Once you enter the location, the map with additional information is available.  The tabs across the top include Ecclesiastical, Related, Email, Feedback.  The Ecclesiastical tab lists places in the vacinity of the originial search place, included are  Catholic, Protestant, churches or parish or Jewish synagogues.   In our Links & Societies section under categories  locate the Maps/Town Locators section.  or Click Here
Check out the other links for town and maps while you are  there.!!
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Are you searching for an obituary from circa 1820 through 2006 in Wayne County,look no further.  FamilySearch is a free website which has just posted images from the Bacon Memorial District Library collection containing  extracted information from newspaper clippings.  The obituaries are from various Wayne county newspapers, also, some biographical information may be included.  You will find a link to this information in our Links & Societies section, under the category, Obituaries and Funeral Homes Click here

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New Addition to Public Databases