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The Polish Genealogical Society of America, is headquartered in Chicago, was founded and incorporated in the state of Illinois on August 23, 1978. The Society is open to anyone doing research within the borders of the old Commonwealth of Poland. It attempts to assist members in doing their own genealogical research by providing books, newsletters, bulletins, printed information, regular Society meetings, and an annual workshop. With 2000 members in all of the United States and ten countries around the world, the Society also encourages its members to communicate with each other and share leads, research sources, and any other information that may prove mutually beneficial.
Last Updated: 6 January 2016
The Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut was originally established to actively promote the research of Polish-American families in the Connecticut River Valley and to unite all persons interested in genealogy. Realizing that there is, at present, no Polish genealogical society which concentrates on their nearby "neighbors" in other parts of New England nor in the middle Atlantic states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, the Society broadened their scope and changed the name to the Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut and the Northeast, Inc.
Last Updated: 6 January 2016
Prior to the very first meeting in October of 1991, the PGSGC issued a "Proclamation" which stated: "Notice is hereby given to all God's children that a new and exciting genealogy group has been formed in the Greater Cleveland area. The purpose of the group shall be the study of our Polish ancestry, its culture and our heritage. Their objectives are to; become better American citizens, heighten their awareness of their "Polishness" (not to the point of bigotry, however), endeavor to pass on to the next generation their pride in their heritage and ancestry, and to foster friendship and a spirit of comraderie amongst the members. So help us God." The PGSGC objectives remain the same as they were in 1991
Last Updated: 17 January 2022
The PGSMA is a non-profit educational Association, founded in 1989. Their scope of interest includes historic Poland to its outer limits, i.e. all three partitions: Austrian, German and Russian.
Last Updated: 6 January 2016
The original Polish-American Society was founded in 1978 by a group of descendants of the early 20th century Polish immigrants. Due to the advanced age of its members the group suspended activities in 2002. The PAS of Memphis has once again resumed it activities thanks to the new generation of Polish immigrants and their desire to cultivate their Polish heritage. Visit their website for more detailed information.
Last Updated: 7 May 2022
For over 20 years, the Polish Genealogical Society of Minnesota (PGSmn) has been assisting Polish-Americans with roots in Minnesota explore the great and growing hobby of genealogy. Whether your relatives came from the iron range or the north shore, the farm communities of the west, the southern Mississippi river bluff country, or the urban parishes of Minneapolis and St. Paul, we have people and resources to help you search for those connections – here and in Poland
Last Updated: 6 January 2016
The Polish Genealogical Society of New York State (PGSNYS) was founded in September of 1988 by (the late) Michael Drabik to promote the study of Polish genealogy in the Western New York and Southern Ontario areas and beyond. The Society is dedicated to the dissemination and sharing of information and assisting members as they research their Polish ancestors.
Last Updated: 6 January 2016
The Polish Genealogical Society of Texas' goals are to unite Polish researchers, share information, publish Texas research for previously undocumented and unexplored areas, educate others on Polish-Texan history, sponsor trips to Polish Settlements in Texas, sponsor workshops on historical and genealogical topics relevant to Poles in Texas. The society was organized in 1982 to promote genealogical research among individuals of Polish heritage.
Last Updated: 6 January 2016
The TPGS was founded in 2002 by Marcia Brown Castro. The group was small at first consisting of only 5-6 people. However, interest in the Polish genealogy club grew quickly and soon the attendance had more than doubled, prompting the need for a larger meeting location. Over the years the Society has grown by leaps and bounds.
Last Updated: 16 June 2019